Hey Sunshine!

You wonder for sure who or what is this Lani Art??? Well, Lani Art is a very, very small and very, very young e-commerce startup, with the mission to track down high-quality artist needs and new trends in the creative field for you.

The founder of Lani Art loves Picasso, Hawaii and of course coffee (who doesn’t!!!), which is probably her most important support in all situations of life. With a lot of courage, passion and girlpower (Spice Girls nostalgia…) she started the adventure Lani Art and has the dream to create a positive, cosmopolitan community for creative nerds.

Lani Art works hard to provide you with the best creative experience. Through high-quality products, attention to detail and a creative, lovable community, we want to make the world a bit more colorful and friendly together. Be a part of this community, have fun, love, laugh, learn, create, be open, be kind and share your artworks with us. This has also resulted in our motto, “always be kind & creative”. Life is beautiful, but the world is being drawn far too grey and too cold at the moment. Help us change that!

xoxo Lani Art ♥

Always be kind & creative!