It’s finally here…

Hey Sunshines!

It is with great pride that I can announce to you that Lani Art’s second product is online!!! May I present:

♥ The Lani Art Bullet Journal in rose gold! ♥

For all Bullet Journal fans, I have developed a beautiful yet functional notebook that solves all the problems of creative journaling: finally decent, thick paper in pure white that doesn’t let pens bleed through. No ugly and eye-catching logos and embossing on the front. A subtle dot grid that is visible enough to paint, but almost invisible when looking at the overall image. No unnecessary index and explanation pages or numbering that don’t fit when removing pages. And best of all: Finally a Bullet Journal with butter-soft faux leather cover in beautifully reflective rose gold! Definitely unique on the market. During the development I was very concerned with a clean, classic style and most will surely agree with me that less is sometimes more. Because it is precisely the own flexible design that makes up the Bullet Journal method. I hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback. Do you think I should bring out more colors? If so, what do you find missing from the market? I’d have some ideas in my head…

xoxo Mel from Lani Art ♥

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