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Welcome to the Startup Diary

For a long time I have been afraid to tell my personal story and show my face on social media, as I like to keep my business and private life private. But since many suspect some soulless company that is only looking for money behind a professional and sober acting account, I have opened myself up bit by bit, finally thrown all concerns overboard and recently showed me on Instagram.

So here we go. That’s where I am now. Hi, I’m Mel, coffee-loving woman in her mid-thirties, sobered by decades of „normal“ working life, yet full of creativity and joie de vivre, ready to delight the world with my cool ideas – if you let me. If you can’t deal with sarcasm and honesty, you’re unfortunately wrong here. In this case we better say „Bye, Sunshine“, it was nice that you visited me, but I think you will not be happy with me. I usually don’t mince my words, I usually always have a loose saying on my lips, but I’m a great believer in diplomacy and the good old „be nice to each other“.

Luckily, I’ve only got positive reactions to my „outing“ on Instagram (yay!!!), but it’s also due to my beautiful, imaginative and adorable followers. What surprised me positively that in times of internet trolls, hate comments and online moralizers, so many nice, creative and above all relaxed people romp around with me on the account. That’s why I sometimes have a little chat in the DMs and comments. Well, my community is just the best and a bit of peace, joy, fun has never hurt.

So somehow it was only fair and at the time to show you a bit more of me, so that everyone who supported me in some form can see who is behind Lani Art and that I am (attention self-praise!) actually quite cool.

That’s why I decided for 2020 to do a bit more on social media and my blog and give you many good reasons to follow me and maybe like me a bit. You will probably see my „lovely face“ more often now and if you have time and desire you can accompany my way into self-employment here in my new blog series „Startup Diary“.

So what awaits you this year? I have planned many things and when I announce them here, I put myself under pressure to implement all the cool ideas. First of all, I want to tell you a little bit of my story. How I ended up here and why I want to establish myself as an online seller and a cool, creative brand. The whole nasty story. Let’s spill the tea! Apart from the Daily Soap-suspicious plot in my Blog, I want to introduce you to some incredible artists who are very underrated on Instagram or simply deserve even more love and support. So it’s going to be really colorful here! In addition, here you will know first when new products are launched or how long it actually takes for a product until it sees the light of day. Furthermore, I plan to delight you with a few freebies. If you have suggestions, wishes or ideas for the blog, Instagram or products, don’t hesitate to tell me! I am always interested in your opinion and constructive criticism. The quickest way to do this is via Instagram, but you can also contact me here in the comments, by mail or on the other social media channels. That was it with the first post of my Startup Diary.

To all those who have supported and accompanied me so incredibly so far – thank you for everything, with all my heart! I appreciate that very much.
And to all who are new here – Welcome, it’s awesome that you are here! Let’s make 2020 a cool, creative year!

xoxo Mel ♥

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